Legal framework for states cooperation in managing the refugee migrant crisis

Department of Law at University College Beder, in cooperation with the Faculty of Law at Ljubljana University, Slovenia, organized the first International Conference on the topic: “Legal framework for states cooperation in managing the refugee migrant crisis”.

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by the Vice Ambassador of Slovenia Ms. Masa Šiftari, Prof. Dr. Vasilka Sancin, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ljubljana University, the Rector of our Institution Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, Head of Law Department at Beder University Mr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj, different academics coming from several Balkan countries, special guests and dozens of students.

After the opening speech of the chairman of the conference Mr. Xhaferaj, which welcomed all the guests and expressed his thanks to the cooperating institution representatives for concretizing this activity. After that, he left the speech to Vice Ambasador Ms. Šiftari which expressed her enthusiasm for the cooperation between the two countries not only in government level but also in academic level at this conference shows it clearly.

The Rector, Mr. Gjana, after delivering with the participants the importance of managing this type of crisis in nowdays, he emphasized that our common future should be built by the contribution of all of us so the mission of finding the best solutions for this crisis should be concrete as soon as possible.

After the opening ceremony the conference went further in parallel sessions where the participating speakers delivered different aspects regarding not only the migrant crisis actuality but also the best solutions adopted in each case.

Among the many topics that were addressed by the guests we can mention: “National security and the asylum right”, “Migration in international law”, “International security of migrants in the context of human rights”, “Legal implementations in solving migrant crisis and the challenge for management”.