The importance of educating young people in reducing radical behaviors and violent extremism

Head of Communications Department at Bedër, Doc.Dr. Ramadan Chipuri attended the 3rd International Congress of "Scholas Chair" in Jerusalem, Israel.

This congress, organized at "Hebrew University of Jerusalem", brought together representatives from over 30 different universities from around the world.

One of the most important issues that was paid attention in the referrals of the participants was the importance of education in reducing the level of radical behavior and violent extremism among young people all over the world. The novelty of this organism was the introduction of concrete projects undertaken by different universities in this regard.

Dr. Chipuri in his speech presented the efforts of the Bedër University College in the fight against radicalism and violent extremism.

According to him, Albania is one of the model countries in terms of interfaith dialogue and harmony. The project initiated by Bedër for co-operation between the theological, the Islamic, Catholic and Orthodox schools and presented by Dr.Cipuri drew the attention of the participants. According to him, thanks to an initiative undertaken by the Islamic Sciences Department in Bedër, from 2014 onwards, more than 20 meetings and joint activities have been organized between three religious schools, such as conferences, seminars, roundtables, staff exchanges, meetings shared among students, etc.

The second initiative presented by Dr. Cheipur was the Coalition of Tolerance, established two years ago by Bedër students in the framework of the P2P Chalinging Extremism project. According to him, this alliance which started as an initiative within the country, now has returned to the region with members from Kosovo, Macedonia and beyond. Dr. MacPuri proposed that this initiative should be turned into a joint organization with all participating universities in Congress, a proposal that was welcomed by the participants.