Emri i Lëndës : Public International Law
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Kredite ECTS
LAW 414-1 B 2 3 1 0 3.50 6
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Gjuha e kursit English
Niveli i lëndës
Përshkrimi This course is an introduction to international public law, generally understood as the set of rules binding the international conduct of states and non state actors. Until the twentieth century, international law was largely the law of nations, but today it also encompasses the rights and duties of transnational organizations and individuals. Compared to most domestic legal systems, the international legal system is primitive; there is a close interplay between international law and international politics. The student of international law therefore confronts a host of normative and legal ambiguities frustrating perhaps, but this is what makes the subject so interesting. Here we have a legal system still in its early stages of development.
Objektivat The general objective of this course is to develop the students’ grasp of the foundations of international law, its evolution during the twentieth century, and its role in world affairs today. By the end of the term, the student should be able to: 1. demonstrate mastery of the main contours of international law; 2. identify key historical developments and practices that have shaped the current international legal system; and 3. provide a basic legal analysis of contemporary events and issues in world politics.
Programi i Lëndës
1Introduction/ Law and society
2The Codification of International and International organisations
3Subjects of international law
4Recourse to force
6Human rights and Regional Protection of Human Rights
7States and state formation
8Provim Gjysmëfinal
9Peaceful settlement of disputes
10International law in action
11Interpreting International Law I: Dispute Settlement
12Interpreting International Law II: International Courts and Tribunals
14International Law and Domestic Law
15Internal conflicts and humanitarian intervention
16Provim Final
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Rezultatet e Lëndës dhe Kompetencat
1Develop skills in critical, logical and structured reasoning generally and within the context of public international law in particular;
2Understand social phenomena and their regulation from a legal perspective;
3Appreciate the interplay between legal rules and underlying social values;
4Become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of law generally and Public International Law in particular as an instrument of social organization and control.
Mënyra e Vlerësimit të Lëndës
Notat e Ndërmjetme Sasia Përqindja
Gjysmë finale135
Projekte semestrale00
Punë laboratori00
Pjesëmarrja në mësim 115
Kontributi i notave të ndërmjetme mbi vlerësimin final50
Kontributi i provimit final mbi vlerësimin final50
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Aktivitetet Sasia Kohëzgjatja
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Kohëzgjatja e kursit (Duke përfshirë edhe javën e provimeve : 16x Orët totale të kursit) 16464
Orët e studimit jashtë klase (Parapërgatitje, Praktika etj) 14456
Detyra 0100
Gjysmë finale 11010
Provimi final 11010
Të tjera 000
Ngarkesa totale e orëve 140
Ngarkesa totale e orëve / 25 (orë) 5.6

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