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Head of Department
Dr. Ada Güven,  [email protected]
Department E-mail
[email protected]

Law Program is designed in accordance with the Bologna process principles and offers to the students an interdisciplinary instruction in law by contributing on the establishment of their intellectual and professional sight and by providing a diverse conceptuality and perspective in the field of law and its social context.

Department of Law provides education for all the students that are interested to have a professional and academic career on different fields of law both in the public and private sectors.

The department provides study programs on Law in first and second cycle, respectively:

·   Law 

·   Master of Science in Law: International Law Profile

·   Master of Science in Law: Criminal Law Profile


The Department’s of Law mission is to enable the qualified individuals in the field of Law to contribute in both local and international public, private and business institutions. Aiming to realize projects that serve to individuals and the society in general, our philosophy is based on the universal values of law, professional ethics, and the development of practical skills.  


Relying on the basis of professional ethics, students are introduced to programs including the necessary knowledge for a more comprehensive academic and professional development of the students in law, for developing the critical thinking of students and to make the students realize the importance of their role in society.

Employment Opportunities

The study programs provided by Department of Law are in full conformity with both current demands of the labor market and the expected developments of Albanian economy being an emerging economy that aims to integrate in European single market. The aim of contemporary curricula is to educate:

·   jurist/specialist in public administration institutions (central/local)

·   jurist/specialist in international institutions

·   jurist/specialist/legal consultant in private sector

·   lawyer assistant/attorney assistant and qualification to participate in Bar Exam

·   research/teaching assistant in HEI

Members of the Board of the Department:

Nr. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 Dr. Gentjan Skara [email protected]
2 Prof. Dr. Gjergji  Sinani [email protected]
3 Dr.  Nertil Berdufi [email protected]
4 Dr. Enkelejda Koka [email protected]
5 Dr. Ilirjana Kaceli [email protected]
6 Prof. Asoc. Dr. Denard  Veshi [email protected]
7 Dr. Ada Guven [email protected]
8 Msc. Surja Shehi [email protected]
9 Msc. Erisa  Datja [email protected]
10 Msc. Fioralba Markja [email protected]