Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

Hëna e Plotë Bedër University Office of Research is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award.  This award recognizes distinguished scholarly achievement at the master’s level. Applications will be accepted in any discipline in which the institution offers degree namely in the Humanities (Law, Communication Sciences, Islamic Studies), Philology (English Language and Literature and Turkish Language and Literature) and Educational Sciences.

Eligibility: Any master’s student with a GPA of 3.0 and above

The scholarly “product” eligible for this competition is a formal written thesis. Master’s students who will be completing their studies in the spring semester of 2014 are invited to submit their scholarly product for consideration for the award. Each submission requires a written nomination by the Head of Department. Each department can submit up to 3 theses for the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award.

  • Award: 300 EUR
  • Important Dates:
  • Nominations are Due: 30th May 2014
  • Announcement of Finalists: 6th June 2014
  • Presentations of the Finalists: 14th June 2014 starts at 10:00 AM (Conference Hall)



1. A nominee  must be an enrolled student of Hëna e Plotë Bedër University and be expected to earn his/her master’s degree in one of the disciplines offered by this institution within the period of 2014 Spring semester.

An application file must include following documents:

a.      A completed proposal form signed by the applicant.

b.      An endorsement letter from thesis advisor.

c.       A written nomination letter from the Head of the Department. The letter should include information regarding the significance of the thesis, the contribution of the thesis to the program, and the impact of the thesis on the knowledge base of the discipline. (The letter should also describe the rationale and process that was used to select the thesis for nomination.)

d.      An abstract (300 to 500 words) in university thesis style and format,

e.      Non-technical summary of the thesis prepared by the student (500 to 1500 words) describing the research outcomes and its significance.

f.        2 copies of the thesis.

g.      A CV or resume of the student nominee

h.      An official transcript of the applicant in order to verify that the student is eligible to graduate by the end of 2014 spring term and that his/her GPA is 3.00 and above.

2. All nomination materials must be submitted in hard copy to the Research Projects Coordinator’s Office in or before the due date.

Selection Process and Judgment Criteria

1. Initial screening of the submitted projects will be completed by a panel of jury members nominated by the Office of Research and will be based upon five criteria: Originality, Significance of the study, Research methodology, Outcomes and accomplishments from the thesis, Contributions to the field or discipline. The nominated thesis should represent an original work making a significant contribution to the respective discipline.

2. After initial screening by the panel of jury members, who will appoint one finalist per department, the finalists will undergo evaluation by a jury of experts in the field. Before final decision be taken, students will be invited to present their thesis in front of a broader audience.  


1.      Languages of the contest are Albanian, English and Turkish

2.      Final presentations will be limited to 15 minutes


For Contact and Questions:

Mrs. Laurela Muça

Internal Phone: 147

E-mail: [email protected]