Master of Sciences in Law, Criminal Law Profile

Coordinator of Program

Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj
[email protected]

Scientific Board

Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj [email protected]
Dr. Bojana Hajdini [email protected] 
Dr. Nertil Berdufi [email protected] 



The Department’s of Law mission is to enable the qualified individuals in the field of Law to contribute in both local and international public, private and business institutions. Aiming to realize projects that serve to individuals and the society in general, our philosophy is based on the universal values of law, professional ethics, and the development of practical skills. 


Relying on the basis of professional ethics, students are introduced to programs including the necessary knowledge for a more comprehensive academic and professional development of the students in law, for developing the critical thinking of students and to make the students realize the importance of their role in society.

Second cycle program, Master of Sciences in Law: Criminal Law Profile, objectives’ includes:

1. The basic law concepts’ acquisition and their efficient use;

2.  Familiarization with the law institutes in Albania and Europe;

3.  Familiarize the student with professional and ethical responsibility;

4.  Knowing social, economic, historical, political and philosophical conditions that have influenced the legal system in Albania, and knowing the factors and values that have influenced the shaping of law;

5.  Recognizing that law is based upon different value systems which are in a continuous evolvement;

6.  The integration of theory, practice and different politics so that students may understand how the law functions;

7.   Introducing the students to the fact that law is only one part of the system of knowledge and providing the possibilities to absorb knowledge from different disciplines in order to be able to adapt with the labor market;

8.   Raising awareness of students to contribute to the community;

9.   Understanding and acknowledging of studying throughout life in order to adapt with labor market;

10.  Reinforcing collaboration with all the institutions that are connected to the functioning of the legal system of the country including both state authorities and other law departments in the country;

11.  Contributing to the development of the criminal justice system in the Republic of Albania;

12.  Monitoring the trends in science and practice of the criminal jurisprudence;

13.  Instruction of staff in various fields of international criminal jurisprudence in Albania

The Outcomes of Master of Sciences in Law: Criminal Law Profile

1. To understand the fundamental principles of law systems and the differences among them;

2.  To understand the legal concepts and terminology in the field of substantive and procedural criminal law;

3.  To do scientific research on criminal-legal issues of law;

4.  To engage in legal analysis through various legal cases;

5.  To understand the history, purpose, structure, rules and responsibilities of legal and physical entities;

6.  To develop critical thinking through reading and analysis of legal materials;

7.  To understand the difference between the procedural and substantive law;

8.  To demonstrate solid skills in the principles of law and enforcement of the law;

9.  To have knowledge on the ways of crime investigation and to gain knowledge about forensic report compiled by institutions that deal with crime investigation;

10.  To implement the law while respecting ethical professionalism and personal integrity;

11.  To understand the law as a public profession and the importance of providing services to the community;

12.  To understand the classification of crimes and their danger;

13.  To compare civil and criminal law of Albania to that of European countries;

14.  To understand and analyze the role of the judicial police officer, lawyer and prosecutor in the criminal process.

Employment Opportunities

The study programs provided by Department of Law are in full conformity with both current demands of the labor market and the expected developments of Albanian economy being an emerging economy that aims to integrate in European single market. The aim of contemporary curricula is to educate:

  • jurist/specialist in public administration institutions (central/local)
  • jurist/specialist in international institutions
  • jurist/specialist/legal consultant in private sector
  • lawyer assistant/attorney assistant and qualification to participate in Bar Exam
  •  research/teaching assistant in HEI
  • lawyer, attorney
  • prosecutor, judge