JESSUP competition in Washington, USA

A group of students from the Department of Law at the "Hëna e Plotë " Bedër University gained the right to participate in one of the most prestigious international competitions in the field of law. The team composed of students Anisa Kolgjini, Emira Shkreta, Emsal Ajredini and Armando Sina will introduce Albania in the final stage of the competition "Jessup" held in Washington DC. Although this competition takes place for 55 years, it is the first time that Albania is represented in the international rounds of "Jessup".
Moot Court Competition of the International Law Philip C. Jessup, also known as Jessup, is the greatest and the most prestigious competition in the world that in the recent years has attracted participants from more than 600 universities in more than 90 countries. The competition is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Law. The competition is named after Philip Jessup, one of the former judges of the ICJ. This competition is organized by the Association of Students of International Law.
Countries are represented by one or more teams in the international round, White & Case Jessup competition, depending on the number of teams having participated in the national competition. As a result, most countries organize national competitions to select the best team, which will continue in the international competition in Washington DC. The final rounds are held in English.
One of the main reasons of Jessup being so prestigious and popular is the category of students of an international level. By the time the competitors arrive in Washington DC, they are familiar with the basic principles of international law, international institutions and procedures. In addition, the students acquire an excellent dominance over judicial affairs of international law, as well as current events. Competitors are expected to have nearly encyclopedic knowledge about relevant issues (like the ICTR, ICTY and the ICJ cases), as well as secondary materials by main actors in international law.
Teams International Rounds in Washington DC running debate over three days in advance. The teams with the highest points in total continue in the rounds of thirty-two, sixteen, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.
Apart from the debate, the competition is marked by other social activities such as Announcement Party, where the winners of first round are stated, Meeting of Students of International Law, The Discussion of Compromise (litigation over which takes place the competition), Dessert and Dance Party. Go Nation dress ball is an event where participants from all countries of the world appear with their national dresses. Final Gala and Jessup Reverse Debate mark the end of the contest.