Graduation Ceremony 2019

University College Bedër graduated  the sixth generation of students at a ceremony organized at the Amphitheater of Lake Tirana. Already when eight years have passed since its start, Bedër graduated about 260 new specialists in the field of Justice, Communication, Islamic Sciences, English Language and Literature and in the field of Education.
With the participation of many personalities, academics, students and hundreds of relatives, the ceremony was opened with the greeting speech of the rector of University College Bedër, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, who congratulated students on the success achieved, encouraging them to constantly strive in the path of knowledge and facing every challenge of life.
"We come to this day, where everyone will start a new university. That university is called "University of Life". Life is a never-ending university. Life is a challenging university with lots of challenges, with lots of successful moments, but with failures.
And we throughout the many years of effort that we strive to achieve as an institution are to prepare you for these challenges. Trying to equip you not only in the academic dimension, but also in the human dimension, as well as in the reality that a young person will expect because many things people see over the years, with the passing of their lives."- he said.
The ceremony was also held by the Muslim Community Chairman Bujar Spahiu and businessman Artan Dulaku who gave congratulatory messages and motivation for the students congratulating them on their achievements.
Also present were the chairman of the Board of the Hafiz Ali Korca Foundation, Skender Brucaj and the Chairman of the High State Control, Bujar Leskaj who shared certificates for outstanding students.
Kevin Shehu and Gentian Grabova held their greeting speech on behalf of all students based on the values ​​they found in Bedër.
During his speech, Kevin Shehu recalled what prompted her to study at Bedër. "Three years ago, as all universities presented their slogans" to be the best "," to be the first "," the most successful ", etc., University College Bedr drew my attention with the slogan" in the name of values ​​" . This made me think that if other universities are to teach people the smell of personal success and economic well-being, I realized Bedri is a gateway to teaching the younger generation to study and walk in the name of values. "- added among other Kevin.
Meanwhile, the student Gentian Grabova thanked and praised the "guarantors" of the values ​​he found in Bedër. "Allow me to thank the guardians of this structure of values ​​and principles, set up on a sound meritocracy basis, a meritoriously overseen by the Bedër University hierarchy, from the rectorate, the department heads, the deanery, and so on. I joined the student community of Bedr in the name of the values, and as a student who values ​​these values ​​from my previous experience in the West, thank you heartily for what you have offered and continue to offer, "he said.
In the end, all graduate students in bachelor and master programs went on stage to throw graduation hats successfully completing their trip to Bedër.
University College Bedër congratulates all graduates of success at their university post and ensures that it will be a permanent support in their way of life.