The Institute of Religious Freedom and Democracy successfully concludes

The Institute of Religious Freedom and Democracy closed today the 3 day training program with students from 8 different universities in the country.
In its third day, the first part of the program was developed in the form of a discussion panel where the guests were Prof. Dr. Gjergj Sinani, from University of Tirana who spoke about the topic "Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy"; Dr. Enri Hide, from European University of Tirana with the topic of discussion "Freedom of Religion and Religious Radicalization" and Dr. Genti Kruja, from Bedër University College who spoke on the history of interreligious dialogue in Albania.
The second panel of discussion focused on legal issues on religious freedom and democracy. The invited were Renata Tokrri,from University of Durres Alexander Moisiu, who spoke on the topic "Dualistic Approach to Freedom of Religion in Democratic Societies" and Msc. Bledar Uku, from Bedër University College on "His Rights and Protection in Democratic Society".
The program continued with group work and presentation of projects by participating students, on state-religion relations in countries like USA, France and Austria, interreligious dialogue in Albania, and freedom of belief and expression.
The 30 students participating in this program were awarded certificates as participants in the Institute of Religious Freedom and Democracy, organized by Bedër University College and H. Ali Korça Foundation, with the support of the Public Affairs Office at the US Embassy in Tirana.