Arbër Çepani and Eglent Bici invited at the seminar "Entrepreneurship and Youth Challenges in Albania"

The Department of Education Sciences organized today the seminar on "Entrepreneurship and Challenges of Youth in Albania".

Invited were Arbër Çepani, currently RTSH Moderator, the "Good Morning Albania" program, at the same time an entrepreneur, the UN Women, Albanian Students Abroad Network and the winner of many national and international prizes in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and journalism The other guest was Eglent Bike, Founder / CEO MEI Realty and Personal Success Trainer, with a wealth of experience in venture, sales, marketing and innovation.

During the meeting, guests shared with the students the experiences of entrepreneurship and leadership, and the ways of motivation and personal development.

The participating students were from the departments of psychology, education, communication, justice and English. At the end of the meeting, students had the opportunity to talk and interview guests, learn more about entrepreneurship and how to overcome the difficulties encountered. By thanking the guests, it remains to be appreciated that the students received good doses of optimism and positive energy from this meeting with two successful entrepreneurs.