Academic Staff

Ada Güven
Gjergji Sinani
Ilirjana Kaceli
Graduated on History from Tirana University. She has completed her master studies at Istanbul University. Mrs. Kaceli has been part of various trainings within and outside the country. From January 2014 she holds a doctoral degree in History from Faculty of History-Philology at Tirana University.
Vojsava Osmanaj
Gentjan Skara
Gentjan Skara: has a BA from Tirana University, an MA from Epoka University in European Studies and LLM master program for “South East European Law and European Integration” from University of Graz. He is a PhD student in EU Law and National Legal System program at University of Ferrara.
Enkelejda Koka
Erisa Datja
Esmeralda Dema
Fatjeta Resulmemaj
Fioralba Markja
Kelmend Nezha
Surja Shehi
Mr. Surja Shehi has graduated from University of Tirana, School of Medicine, in General Medicine (Msc. / MD) in 2008. He has finished a Specialization in Forensic Medicine in 2017. From September 2019, he holds the position of Dean of Students and Lecturer at the Department of Law.