Emri i Lëndës : History and Theory of International Law
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LAW 403-1 A 1 3 1 0 3.50 6
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Gjuha e kursit English
Niveli i lëndës
Përshkrimi This course aims to examine some of the fundamental issues underlying international law, against the background of its history. Attention will be paid both to classical analyses of the nature of international law (positivism and its alternatives) and to some of the recent critiques of international law from perspectives such as critical legal studies, feminist legal theory, international relations theory, etc. Particular topics to be examined will be chosen having regard to the interests of students taking the course.
Objektivat This course aims to: Introduce you to the development of the international legal system as a basis for regulating conduct between States Examine the function and purpose of international law, in particular the concept of State sovereignty Provide you with a solid conceptual understanding of international law Help you to appreciate the dynamic and evolving nature of international law
Programi i Lëndës
1The relevance of theory and history- the essence and origins of international law
2Early modern scholarship on international law
3Natural law and the law of nations
4The transformation of international law in the 19-th century
5International human rights law theory
6The philosophy of international criminal law
7International law and EU law: between asymmetric constitutionalisation and fragmentation
8Provim Gjysmëfinal
9International law, international politics and ideology
10Periodization and international law
11The Legal Conscience of the Civilised World
12The Move to Abstraction: Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law
13Rule of Law and the Rule of Lawyers: Lauterpacht's and the Victorian Tradition
14An Alternative Meaning of Liberalism: Carl Schmitt, Hans Morgenthau and the Critique of Universal Moralism
15Current Civilising Projects: The Revival of Kantian Theories of International Law
16Provim Final
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Rezultatet e Lëndës dhe Kompetencat
1Understand the sources, principles, procedures and institutions of international law
2Demonstrate your ability to think critically, to justify your ideas in a reasoned manner, and to evaluate legal theories, in part through a research essay
3Recall the origins and evolution of those principles, procedures and institutions
4Communicate (orally and in writing) in an effective and scholarly way
5Explain the meaning of the legal concepts, doctrines and principles you studied
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Notat e Ndërmjetme Sasia Përqindja
Gjysmë finale135
Projekte semestrale00
Punë laboratori00
Pjesëmarrja në mësim 110
Kontributi i notave të ndërmjetme mbi vlerësimin final45
Kontributi i provimit final mbi vlerësimin final55
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Aktivitetet Sasia Kohëzgjatja
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Kohëzgjatja e kursit (Duke përfshirë edhe javën e provimeve : 16x Orët totale të kursit) 16464
Orët e studimit jashtë klase (Parapërgatitje, Praktika etj) 14342
Detyra 0100
Gjysmë finale 11515
Provimi final 12020
Të tjera 000
Ngarkesa totale e orëve 141
Ngarkesa totale e orëve / 25 (orë) 5.64

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